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  1. garylong
    July 7, 2012

    they are using women as they are becoming more smarter, lets face it most girls in school in china study a lot harder than, boys and boys end up going out playing games and never go to class, its only very few Chinese boys that study hard that become any thing much in life, and being a astronauts, is the best of the best.

    the other way to look at it is more men in china are weak in mind and are cowards, they can not fight endless they have 10 other men with them, unlike men in the USA or Australia that done need others to fight for them, (fight is to say work hard)

    maybe Chinese men wants to kill of some of the better looking girls in china as if any thing happen the men are safe on the ground.

    there is many ways to look at it, but all in all the girls are becoming more smart and learn a lot more. many girls will not marry with a home and lots of money so they may be in it for the money, but I don’t know how much they would get paid for do this work.

  2. Tienfei
    July 7, 2012

    Female astronauts are produced by the state. The spacecrafts and the astronauts are most likely produced by men. Just like the people who produce those games that men play. The purpose behind producing a female astronaut is to encourage gender equality. Its to let women know that they can also become something besides just being a housewife. So scenarios like this are created to encourage this ideal amongst all women.

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