US Against China Bullying smaller countries in the Asia-Pacific

2012-10-09 — A strong United States military presence in the Asia-Pacific region would deter China from bullying smaaller countries like the Philippines, thus said an officer of the US Navy following Monday’s opening of the annual Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX 2013).

The PHIBLEX 13 formally kicked off at the former US naval  facility with a ceremony held aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) commanded by Capt. Daniel Dusek. Subic Bay is located 150 nautical miles away from the disputed Panatag (Scarborough) shoal.

Officers of USS Bonhomme Richard said that Chinese ships tailed the US assault vessel while on its way to Subic.

While most US and Philippine officials have repeatedly stressed that the joint exercises between the two countries are not directed toward China, one navy officer interviewed aboard USS Bonhomme Richard said otherwise.

The US Navy officer, who declined to be identified, said: “Basically… we are here to protect the interest of small countries like the Philippines.”

He said the US military presence in the region is needed to prevent China from bullying smaller countries.

“The United States have to maintain our presence in the area so smaller countries like the Philippines will not be bullied by China, and even Iran. That is why we are showing our strong presence in the region,” the officer said, citing the deployment of more US Marines to Australia.

He added that US forces are now frequently making visits to the Philippines, particularly in Manila and Olongapo “to show China that we are here, that we’re not going to leave these guys… we’re not gonna let them bully the Philippines.”

Asked if the US considers China’s military buildup as a threat, the officer said no.

“I don’t think the US military is threatened… but of course we are always on the lookout,” he stressed.

According to the officer, the US government is well aware of all actions undertaken by China.

Close to 4,000 Philippine and American military forces are taking part in the 10-day bilateral training that will be conducted at sea and ashore, with focus on several humanitarian assistance and infrastructure projects along with tactical field training.

Specifically, training will consist of a staff planning exercise, a static aircraft display, multiple field training exercises (FTX), and humanitarian and civic assistance (HCA) projects to include medical, dental, and engineering projects.

On the part of the US Armed Forces, joining the PHIBLEX 13 are troops from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) under the command of Col. John Merna. The 31st MEU personnel arrived in Subic last October 5 aboard the amphibious assault ship.

US embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Brian L. Goldbeck said the commencement of this year’s PHIBLEX is another demonstration of the great friendship between the governments of the United States and the Republic of the Philippines.

“This 29th iteration of PHIBLEX reinforces our long-time partnership and demonstrates the US and Philippines’ commitment to mutual security,” said Goldbeck.


  1. The garbage speaks.

  2. American Patriot

    The only garbage are stupid people like you that are brain washed by communist china. Look around in your country and you will see more thant half of the population still live like in a 3rd world country. You guys are useless piece of sh!t.

    • China. Against. Us. Bullying. Smaller. Countries. In. Middles set. Answer. From. Iraq. Host. I. Agree. Us. Soldier. Kill. Me

      • it is true America is damaging it self and the world. china is ecological and going natural green green, america should get out of all Asia our continent and stop being too curious. they owe us a lot of trillions and their curious will kill the stupid cat called america. it is happening it is collapsing naturally and disordering , no wonder mama china blocked all America not normal websites into china. because of it is coursiousty and being harmful, i mean its government not the American civilians working people like us china patriot.

    • You. Are. Mania. Plus. Stupid. Go. To. School. No. One. Can. Brainwash. Other. People.

  3. U.S moving 60% of the ships to Asia and this guy says he is not threatened. Lol it’s like saying I painted my picture red but I hate the color

  4. america is garbage. Sooner China gets rid of this trash, the better.

    • Tienfie, China is the biggest garbage of the world. Your country cannot do anything without stealing western technology. Why are chinese always trying to leave your country and come to the west. A few bombs over your country and we could get rid off a billion roaches which is what you are. Loser :(

      • No, Im pretty sure the us tops China as the biggest garbage. Nobody even buys american technology hence the tremendous trade deficit and foreign debt. I myself dont even touch a product unless its a Chinese company.

        China would wreck the united states, and they would only need to kill 300 million to finish it off.

        • Nobody buy American Products? Apple, G.E. Coca Cola, not to mention All the American Auto’s made in China and the could continue. Give me a break! You don’t have a clue.

          • apple ge cocacola? Nobody buys that crap. The annual trade deficit is over 500 billion a year. When the economy didnt crash, it was nearly 1 trillion annually. It was only halved because so many people lost their jobs and homes that imports slowed down.

          • You have no idea what your talking about. Apple is the highest valved corporation in the world. G.E. is the largest military aerospace engine manufacturer in the world which by the way is something China cannot manufacture and imports from Russia. China simply put is the sweat shop of the world! Half of the population in China lives below the proverty level.Your medical system is non-existent. If China is so great why have you had over 200.000 riots last year.
            China also happens to be one of the most corrupt counties in the world. You have no interstructure to speak of. The list could go on forever. China is still effectly a 3rd world country.

          • They involve themselves in advertising scams to get people into thinking their product is popular. Fake stories and news to create the illusion of sales. us doesnt have over 1000 ICBMs. us only officially claims to have around 2000 nuclear warheads, most of them not even armed on ICBMs. China would have to have far more ICBMs than the united states given their economic and financial position. Average ICBMs are 7 million according to american claims. In China, it would be a fraction of that. Even using american price suggestions, If the Chinese didnt just print the money, the reserve alone covers over 400,000 nuclear missiles.

            China is the largest patent filer since 2011, there isnt anything to copy and steal. Twenty and thirty years is such long way from now, its a foolish claim that has no substance. But in all most likeliness, the CCP will still be here for generations.

          • Tienfei, again you are still dreaming. The USA was the first country to acquired and use nuclear bomb. From what i read recently, China tested an ICBM capable of carrying multiple warheads, we don’t know if that is true or misinformation but we already have that capability decades ago, you guys are always late to the dance. We have the largest and most sophisticated fleet of submarines in the world capable of destroying China in a minute. China cannot build their own they have to buy it from Russia along with thier airplanes which China copy. We have 11 aircraft carriers and China just got in the game with one that I wouldn’t consider a carrier. China doesn’t have the planes necessary for such a vessel which is a big target practice for US or Japanese submarine. The USA and Japan have extensive experience fighting naval wars which china lacked. You can talk all you want but China is no match for the the great USA. We have so many deep black project and advance technology that we don’t even know in order to prevent the enemy from building any defense against it. remember the SR71, the fastest plane ever and that was technology from the 60′s and remember the U2, if we had that technology back then in the 60′s imagine what we have now :)

            Land-based ICBMs
            A Minuteman III ICBM test launch.The US Air Force currently operates 450 ICBMs, located primarily in the northern Rocky Mountain states and the Dakotas. These are all of the Minuteman III ICBM variants. Peacekeeper missiles were phased out of the Air Force inventory in 2005. All USAF Minuteman II missiles have been destroyed in accordance with the START treaty and their launch silos imploded and buried then sold to the public. To comply with the START II most US multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, have been eliminated and replaced with single warhead missiles. However, since the abandonment of the START II treaty, the U.S. is said to be considering retaining 500 warheads on 450 missiles.[9] The U.S. goal under the SORT treaty is to reduce from 1,600 warheads deployed on over 500 missiles in 2003 to 500 warheads on 450 missiles in 2012. The first Minuteman III were removed under this plan in 2007 while, at the same time, the warheads deployed on Minuteman IIIs began to be upgraded from smaller W62s to larger W87s from decommissioned Peacekeeper missiles.[9]

            [edit] Heavy bomber group
            B-2 Spirit stealth strategic bomber.The US Air Force also operates a strategic nuclear bomber fleet. The bomber force consists of 94 B-52 Stratofortresses, and 19 B-2 Spirits. All 64 B-1s were retrofitted to operate in a solely conventional mode by 2007 and are no longer counted as nuclear platforms.

            In addition to this, the US armed forces can also deploy smaller “tactical” nuclear weapons either through cruise missiles or with conventional fighter-bombers. The U.S. maintains about 400 nuclear gravity bombs capable of use by F-15, F-16, and F-35.[9] Some 350 of these bombs are deployed at seven airbases in six European NATO countries;[9] of these, 180 tactical B61 nuclear bombs fall under a nuclear sharing arrangement.[11]

            [edit] Sea-based ICBMs
            USS Kentucky (SSBN-737), an Ohio class ballistic missile submarineThe US Navy currently has 18 Ohio-class submarines deployed, of which 14 are ballistic missile submarines. Each submarine is equipped with a complement of 24 Trident II missiles. Approximately 12 U.S. attack submarines are equipped to launch, but do not currently carry nuclear Tomahawk missiles. Sea-launch weapons make up the majority of weapons declared under START II rules. Some Trident missiles are equipped with the W88 warhead.

            China is no match whichever way you see it. One day we will teach you a lesson and I hope it will be in the near future, China is Garbage…. Go Jim and the USA against this communist dirt bag :)

          • us is pure garbage. Those carriers are a waste and have no place in modern naval warfare. Most of them and other surface ships would be destroyed in under 20 minutes.
            Using american information, they have about 18 ssbns, each equipped with 24 SLBMs, each SLBM would be able to carry 12 warheads with a total megaton between 3 to 5 megaton per missile. Each ship would have between 72 to 136 megaton of damage per ship. Based on all of these assumptions the entire nuclear fleet would between 1200 to 2000 megatons.

            Now 2000 megatons isnt even enough to destroy the entire state of ohio let alone all of China. The minutemen missile carries one warhead at about 300 kt each. According to that, the total megaton damage is smaller than the navy’s at about 135 megatons total which is equal to two gigantic nuclear bombs.

            The bombers and anything that cant be carried on an ICBMs is less of an issue since most of these delivery systems would probably never be able to get off the ground after the first round.

            Each trident is about 30 million dollars and the minutemen is about 7 million. The DF5, 31A and JL2 is mirved, but generally, Chinese missiles dont carry 10, 300 kt missiles or just 1, 100kt missile. Typically, a Chinese missile carries 1 warhead at between 1 to 3 megatons. Producing 2 times the total amount of us nuclear missiles costed less than 1 percent of China’s total reserve. China would be able to wipe the us faster than the other way around.

          • apple is garbage company and so is ge. They involve themselves in fake news and fake stories. China already has domestic Turbofan engines to power their aircrafts.Such as the WS10 and all of its variants to power planes like the J10B, J11, and J20. Too many manufactured stories. 200,000 riots and we dont even know what one riot in China is supposed to look like. If there were 200,000 LA and Cincinnati riots taking place in one year alone in China. It would be a miracle how the country even manages to function.

          • Yes, 200,00 riots. These are not massive riots! These are typically in the country side due to corruption, land grabbing etc. By the way, how about tiennaman square. Your young students don’t even know that occurred! Certainly not noted in your history books.We acknowledge the LA, Watts, Selma riots. Freedom of the press is a wonderful thing. The information that you spew is goverment censored. Try reading something that is not censored. Hell your goverment censors the internet with firewalls.
            The WS 10 turbofan is a rip off of the Russian AL 31 and is not combat proven. Not to mention that you still can’t manufacture enough of the WS 10′s and are still using the Al 31′s in your current manufactured aircraft. Your still having problem manufacturing the engine in any decent quantities. How or if this engine performs in combat is still questionable. I’ll take a superior, proven G.E. or Rolls Royce engine anytime.

      • American. Is. The. Biggest. Contaminate. Substant Of. The. World. Ask. Middleware. People. American. Kill. Me. Voice. From. Afghan. People

      • american is contaminate substant of world environment. they know only bomb and kill.

    • America is a nasty, bombastic wasteland full of phony violent people with no sense of culture, history or manners….compare that to China’s millenia of intricate cultural nuances and quiet dignity through catastrophes unheard of in Ronald McDonald-land. “Garbage” is actually a far nicer term than America deserves.

      • wars will not happen mr general, but America will kill its self by its self. it is happening, disordering, falling economy, criming highest rate, highest dept ever. my brother lives in canada he told me Americans will start killing each other soon. they where doing good before 2000 but after 2000 they started disordering and falling a part. good luck to its future.

    • ok ok its dorky government not the working civilians.

    • all the world people hate America now. do you thing all of us are stupid and America is right. i agree with u china patriot, the american people should stand up and change their leaders. they are going not normal. and all of them are being crooks.

  5. Tienfei, China has the largest population in the world so you guys are the biggest garbage. Our technology is so far davance that you guys coulnd’t stand a chance. A few trident nuclear missiles will get rid of your country for good.. Whatever China is doing with space technology we and the Russian did it in the 1960′s “Rookie”.. :)

    • I dont see how population size has anything to do with being the biggest garbage. The us is the world’s largest trash, and population size has no bearing on that title. us has no technological advantage over China. China would be dropping DF5s, DF31s, DF31As, DF41s, and JL2s all over the united states. China would crush the us.

      • Again, you have no idea what your talking about. China has approximately 180 ICBM’s which can mount 1 nuclear war head. The U.S. at last count has well over one thousand ICBM’s and contain approximately 10 nuclear war heads per ICBM. These are MIRV war heads. China is just beginning to learn to produce these.
        China does not invent. They copy or steal technology. The communist system has not enabled individual freedom to invent. The communist goverment will probably be non-existent in China in 20-30 years which will allow invention. China still has a long way to go.

        • Oh please. Manufactured news. 200,000 or 20,000? Im not sure which number you are going with. But either of which sound silly. Why suggest that these riots take place in the countryside? Because its less verifiable to see what constitutes a riot? If there were 200,000. 20,000 riots the size of LA and Cincinnati taking place in China on any given year, I dont even think the country would even be able to function. And China certainly wouldnt be performing as well as it performs now. The news you are describing is pure trash. It sounds so phenomenal, its really hard to believe.

          The WS10 is no AL 31, and it has more thrust than the AL 31. A lot of things arent combat proven, but its a turbofan engine, it doesnt exactly require a leap of faith. The AL31 is being used for J10s since its designed with the AL in mind. All new J10Bs and J11s used the WS10. ge is garbage.

        • 1000 ICBM with 10 nuclear warhead each? There the WMD. So why Bush wasting US money and lifes in Iraq? He’d have more success at home. What is that many WMD for anyway? Even if they want to nuke every countries on Earth, big and small, it’s too many. That many warheads must be irresistible for terrorists, now that US is as bankrupt as Russia was in 1990′s. What better for the terrorists is the nukes were already in US soil. No need to smuggle in from N Korea or former USSR countries like in the movies.

        • if americans says – chinese copy and steal blueprints of every american weapons if seems
          that the chinese are very slow learner cuz its taking them decades to produce one so what is the purpose for stealing, again they say chinese products are garbage but day in and
          day out the americans + allies are spying chinese weapons counting and comparing their
          weapons and questioning what purpose it will be used for, to me you dont worry anybodys
          trash or garbage because it wont do any harm and it doesnt concern you anyway unless
          you worry so much inside and you lack confidence in your own. your weapons are superior
          and hi tech nobody is contesting that but your courage is lacking and it shows and if we reverse the situation i think usa will cower in fear facing a superior opponent a bully
          can only face a weaker foe and that is why he is called a bully.

      • wars wont happen in the next 20 years, the race will continue, we will see mama china rising ecologically, and naturally, and the US collapse ending up killing each other. after 20 years we will see the US being savage and start problems with china then the end of the world the nuclear war happens. and humanity goes back to Amish living.


    • American. Is. Contaminate. Environment. Substant. Worse. Than. Garbage.

  6. There’s a lot of troll alerts in this topic. If I’m not mistaken I think they are band wagon jumpers.

    It’s all clear and obvious that the world’s biggest bully is the U.S. Nobody can argue with that. U.S. only picks on small countries that can’t fight back, they would never pick on Soviet Russia because U.S. is a big coward. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq(twice) Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Libya, Phillipines, black slavery, Native Americans, and so on and so forth.

    End of story.

    • Certainly your opinon. I think that a country is reflected in the friends they count. The U.S. is certainly well liked in the world. Take an inventory our our friends verses China’s friends. I believe that China can count N. Korea, Pakistan, and Myrammar. Nice company.

      • Not true, most of the world dislikes americans. Thats why you have people blowing up mcdonalds and burning american flags all over the globe.

        • If your talking about the middle east. Yes they are doing those things. The U.S. is the dominate country in the world. and an easy target for poor countries to attack. Our corporations are global. This is a perfect example of the haves and have nots. These people are uneducated and poor and are looking for a target to lash out at.
          Most people would love to live in the U.S. We allow dissent in our country. Our citizens have the right to criticize our government and yes to burn our flag which is not something a chinese citzen can do in their own country. I wonder if a poll was taken how many people would want to live in the U.S. verses China. I think we both know the answer. Hell, quite a few people in China want to migrate to the U.S.

          • us has a negative international investment position. China and Japan are bigger foreign investors than the us. It has little to do with american corporations or so called american wealth since americans have to sell american assets to foreign investors to keep a balance budget.

          • Nobody cares about american politics. Most of the world thinks the us is garbage.
            China has strong approval rating amongst Chinese, even amongst Chinese abroad.

            “The poll also shows that the Chinese government enjoys considerable approval among the Chinese in America.62 percent of Chinese Americans gave Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao a positive rating”.

          • Allah will bring the apocalypse and destroy the infidel nation of USA! ALLAH IS THE ONLY GOD! MUHAMMED IS THE TRUE PROPHET OF GOD!

      • Haha number of USA friends versus China friends!?

        Let’s take into count how many U.S. ENEMIES versus China enemies. The answer to the number of enemies China has is ZERO! China has no enemy country, not even terrorists.

        China being neutral is the best thing EVER! They didn’t have to join the propaganda wars our stupid government made up of the false WMD in Iraq. U.S. makes enemies with everybody and points guns at all countries around the world that doesn’t do as it tells, including it’s own ALLIES. They don’t allow South Korea to obtain longer range missiles until now and does not allow them to have stealth technology also. How’s that for an ally that reaps your benefit and tells you what to do, I wouldn’t be too happy.

        • What are you talking about! You don’t have a clue. Japan, Phillipines, Vietnam, etc. Pretty much most of asia depises China. Haven’t you been reading about the island disputes going on! Most of Asia has been friends with the U.S. for 50 years not to mention western Europe. China neutral? What about Syria? China & Russia vetoed the U.N. vote to go in and help the people that are being slaughtered by the government.
          The friendly counties that China can name as friends are very few. The few friends that China has are dictatorships that suppress the people. Please name your friends. I can’t wait to hear this.

          • They arent friends of america. Japan was nuked, Phillipines was tortured by americans. Rebels in Syria are being funded to attack their own government and then you want to claim the Syrian government is evil. But us has long been supporting dictatorships and overthrowing democratic governments, from Chile to Guatemala.

          • Jim with apologies, it is you who have no idea about how China is perceived internationally. Most of Southeast Asia, where I have lived for over 30 years as an expatriate has large Chinese populations and would GLADLY take Chinese telecom technology, agri-products and weapons systems over American gear — which is seen to be tainted and coloured with disgusting ideological “strings” (like opening markets to rotten corporations like BofA. Even Japan, where there is a long history of animosity with China, is deeply ambivalent about the never-ending presence of solider-boy rapists and murders (which, by the way, should be a reminder of the fact that, despite its bloated size, the US military is seen to be cruel, unprofessional and hyper-patriotic; ask even those countries with whome there is a “special” relationship (my home-country of Britain): go just a bit behind the platitudes and even the British are sickened by most American actions.

          • Indonesian People

            @ JIM, ha .. ha .. ha … you as american so proud , you feel philipine, japan and vietnam be your friend, you’re really smartest stupid , you know, philipine people , vietnam people , and Japanese people was revenge for the conduct of Americans against them, they want see Americans war with china , they want see American troops death , the American economy destroyed and the American people become more miserable poor, philipine people , vietnam people and japanese people use American people to fight, for benefits to philipine people , japanese people and vietnam people and will reap the benefits, American the smart being stupid for wanting to be a hero late, finally can be utilized by philipine state , japanese state and Vietnam state , so it’s clear now the philipine state , vietnam state , Japanese state who can fool the ignorant American people , it’s true the legend say the smart people always controlled by stupid people

          • Romney for stupid president

            @ JIM, ha .. ha .. ha … you as american so proud , you feel philipine, japan and vietnam be your friend, you’re really smartest stupid , you know, philipine people , vietnam people , and Japanese people was revenge for the conduct of Americans against them, they want see Americans war with china , they want see American troops death , the American economy destroyed and the American people become more miserable poor, philipine people , vietnam people and japanese people use American people to fight, for benefits to philipine people , japanese people and vietnam people and will reap the benefits, American the smart being stupid for wanting to be a hero late, finally can be utilized by philipine state , japanese state and Vietnam state , so it’s clear now the philipine state , vietnam state , Japanese state who can fool the ignorant American people , it’s true the legend say the smart people always controlled by stupid people

        • i agree with u, no enemies to mama china, but every body hates America because of its evil government.

      • The US is well liked in the world? Well US money is most certainly well liked in the world. Do you Americans still have plenty of money left to buy ‘friends’? Surely US ‘friends’ like Chinese money as well. Generous nations earn friends. Broke nations. . . get loss. Wait and see what happen in 10 years. Oh wait, maybe in 5 years.

      • it is true and its a fact that a bully is truly popular and has lots of friend, the weak would like
        to be associated with him but when the time comes where the bully is down and subdued
        the many friends of the bully will abandon will disappear.

  7. I am Singaporean and I confirm that no one likes the American garbage. You American thought that u are well like but sorry the reverse is the truth. The western world like the American is the most hypocritical people who killed, plundered and raped other civilisations like no others. Honestly, americans please see the shit in your eyes first before going around lecturing other people how evil the Chinese is and how great westerners are.

    • Nobody likes American garbage but I guess you do. I guess you don’t use a cell phone, T.V., car, airplane, computers, antibiodics, electricity, refridgerator, the list goes on. American’s invented all the garbage you don’t use! Has the U.S. made mistakes. Absolutely. And we will continue to make mistakes. How about Tibet or Mongolia. No mention of that. By the way had did you get on the internet since you don’t use U.S. garbage?

      • Its a ridiculous argument. More than half of the shit you described wasnt invented by americans and had taken place outside of america. Just like Chinese invented first fire arms and rockets, and still doesnt stop people from using missiles and assault rifles. But yea, I dont buy american garbage from american companies.

        What about Tibet and Mongolia? There isnt a single inch of the united states that is inherently american.

        • On my list tell me what exactly was not invented by Americans. You make me laugh. You pick and choose items in a post and address them when you think you have a argument. You still have not addressed tianamen square. Not to mention the fire walls on your internet by your government. Again you have no retort. Your arguments hold no water because your government filters the information you are allowed to receive. You need to certainly find new sources for your information because you have no access to the truth.
          Bt the way nice answer on Tibet & Mongolia. Again no answer.

          • Well, there were a lot of inventions that slowly led to the first television. Most if not all took place outside of the us. But the first television that put all of these devices together was developed by baird in 1925. babbage is given credit for the first mechanical computer.ibn sina developed the refrigerated coil, cullens, for artificial refrigeration. sömmering used electricity when he developed the first telegraph. cugnot invented the first steam powered tricycle. hata discovered that Arsphenamine could be treated against syphillis.

            I dont pick and choose, its just that you included so many arguments into one, some of them didnt seem important enough to respond to. For instance, you mention Tiananmen square, but killing one’s own citizens is clearly defined in the constitution. Its as old as the Whiskey Rebellion. Whether its Shay’s, Kent State, or Waco Texas, us is no stranger to it.

            I already gave you an answer on Tibet and Mongolia. If you deem those a mistake than the us is far more guilty of it since not a single inch of the united states is american.

          • You’re actually comparing Kent State to Tianaman? Your comparing a small demonstration to Tianaman? The communist party was so concerned about maintaining power that they called out the military and killed and injured many thousands of people.
            The reason you know about Kent State, etc. this this information is made PUBLIC. There is no mention of Tianaman in Chinese literature.
            As for your poor argument on Tibet & Mongolia your militarily invaded those countries.The U.S. was settled by approx.120 Pilgrims who were seeking religious freedom. The American indians actually helped these settlers from starving. There is a big difference between the two. We won’t even mention Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” or the Cultural Revolution. Maybe you don’t have access to this information.

          • Yea, Im comparing them. The us government calling in troops to crush demonstrations and rebellion is quite common throughout its history. Shay’s, Whiskey, Kent State, Waco Texas are further examples of that. In those cases, thousands were killed, women and children burned alive.

            Im pretty sure people in China know about Tiananman Square, but Im not quite sure whether the information exists publically or not absolves the fact that the us government did call in troops to put down civilians.

            Thats not quite true. The us government invaded indian lands and produced what was the largest genocide in human history. Its the largest ethnic cleansing policy known to man. Battles were raged across the continent in policies known as the Indian wars and Indian removal acts. Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution is nothing compared to the genocide commited by the united states. In 1948, there were 400 million Chinese, by the end of Mao’s tenure, there was 1 billion. Native Americans are pretty much gone.

          • yeah man, American thinks they are the best of the world, and everyone in love them. lol
            no point to arrgue with this kind of arrogan people.
            Face the ture, nobody likes you. you are just like having this school back yard bulley to some of the poor kids. but once this poor kids grew big, you will soon get FxxK upside down. remember, what goes around comes around.

      • Again, with apologies, it doesn’t seem that you know much about the on-the-ground sociopolitical tenor in places you’d mentioned: Mongolia, for example. The tri-partite relationship between Mongolia, Russia and China is massively complicated, due to demographic conditions (i.e., there are massive pockets of each other’s major ethnic groups in all three of the aforementioned countries) and economic necessities. Just because GW Bush made a trip to Mongolia, does not mean for a moment that the worldview there – or in Tibet, for that matter – is aligned with American ideas/objectives. Any Mongolian, Russian or Chinese national on the streets of Khabarovsk, Ulan-Ude, Hohot or Bejing will confirm that point.

      • @ JIM , you know dalailama is the CIA agent same as Osama bin Laden is CIA agent
        you can look the histories of CIA agent recruitment in Tibet

      • Doesn’t mean we cant hate Americans for who they are.

    • The same could be said to Singaporeans of Chinese decent. Nobody likes you. Do you think the Malays like you? the Indonesians, Malaysian Malays, Filipinos and Bruneians don’t like you a bit. After a few decades because the Chinese are not reproducing as much, Singapore will become Malay dominated! The rise of the Malay race!

      • Hajji, you may dislike Singapore Chinese… But I love the Malay culture and I have tons of Malay friends.

        I write in this forum to point out the hypocrisy of the white supremacy or the arrogant west.

  8. Just when I had posted about American arrogance a few days ago in this thread…. It happens again and again… 2 US servicemen raped a Japanese woman in Okinawa. Even the US staunchest ally, japan, also cannot find peace with them.

    • Man, thats embarrassing. I would never rape Japanese civilians.

      • Japan should just kick out the americans. Here they are, raping Japanese, and then making movies about Japanese ceos raping american women in movies like rising sun.

    • The US is the greatest disgrace in the modern history of mankind. These people are brainwashed, depoliticized and arrogant. They need to be given a good lesson soon. It is a shame on part of the Japanese government that it still allows those tin-head steroid rapists have bases all over Japan. They need to be expelled for good.

      Do they provide protection for Japan? Hell, no. They make Japan (and South Korea) a legitimate target for China in an eventual US-China war.

      Japanese people need to develop political consciousness and get rid of their right wing conservative politicians and bureaucracy before they get rid of the disgraceful US rapists.

  9. Interesting and hypocritical comment. The Han Chinese are enslaving millions of people belonging to minority ethnic groups in their Communist slave state, they even take internal organs from prisoners and sell them for profit. China cannot feed its own people and will eventually have to suppress internal revolts from their own unhapppy and ill-fed citizens. Most of all the Chinese routinely steal everyone else’s technology and intellectual property. Not one of you has had an original technical idea, you steal it all from the Japanese and Americans. That’s what we should expect from the stooges of a slave state run by Communists.

    • Is this some kind of joke? Tibetans and Mongolians are fairly numerous. Their populations are nearly 10 million each. They werent depopulated, instead, they continue to occupy regions they inherited from their forefathers. They continue to speak and write their own languages, have their own institutions, tv stations, radio, music, culture etc. Natives americans were wiped out, their men butchered, the rest put into concentration camps. The women were even sterilized by the american state to reduce them from breeding.

      China is the largest food producer in world. It leads the planet in meats, grains, fruits, vegetables etc. China is also the world’s largest patent filer. If it wasnt for the Chinese, you wouldnt have toilet paper, toothbrushes, printing presses, rockets, fire arms etc.

      • See Hugo’s reply on the Han Chinese enough said. You are indeed correct about our treatment of the American Indiana’s. It was surely a a sorry chapter in American history. This we do not hide. It is published in our history books which is unlike what the Chinese government allows.
        Your information is edited or in quite a few instances you are and the average citizen is not privy to. You live in vaccum. You have limited freedom and choices. Quite frankly I feel sorry for the average Chinese citizen. Talk about freedom I’m going to vote for the U.S. President. Who are you voting for President in China in the upcoming election? Oh , I forgot he’s chosen for you by the politiboro.
        In closing, toothbrushes & toiletpaper? That’s your reply. You’ve got to be kidding! Big deal on the patent filing for one year. Try going back 20 years and let me know about who filed more patents. What a joke.

        • Oh comon, it was the biggest genocide in world history. We dont even know of all the horrors that took place. Much of it most likely remains classified. And even if they were eventually released, it doesnt in any way wash away these occurrences. Hell yeah, the most important technologies up until the industrial era were all Chinese.

          “Francis Bacon (1561–1626), who in 1620 wrote: “Printing, gunpowder and the compass … whence have followed innumerable changes, in so much that no empire, no sect, no star seems to have exerted greater power and influence in human affairs than these mechanical discoveries.”[9]
          Later, Karl Marx also commented that, “Gunpowder, the compass, and the printing press were the three great inventions which ushered in bourgeois society. Gunpowder blew up the knightly class, the compass discovered the world market and founded the colonies, and the printing press was the instrument of Protestantism and the regeneration of science in general; the most powerful lever for creating the intellectual prerequisites.”[10]“

          • Where did you get your info! The communist party opened the records on the Great Leap Forward. Your Public Security Bureau kept” impeccable records” which records 45 million peasants ” slaughtered, torchured and butchered” from 1958 thru 1962. This Great Leap was descibed as the “worst catastrophy in the 20th century”. 1/3 of ALL chinese homes were destroyed in order to manufacture fertilizer.
            Mao’s ambition was to make China’s industrial output to surpass Great Brition in 15 years. He then decided that that this should be done in 1 year. The ultimate goal was to surpass the U.S. by 1988.
            The total deaths in world war 2 was 55 million. Mao made Stalin and Hilter look like pikers. You could take all the attrosities that the U.S. may have committed, both real and imaginary, and that would be miniscule to the Great Leap. By the way Mao was stripped of the title of President but retained the General Secretary title. Chou Enlai and two other leaders shared power running the country on a day to day basis.
            To verify this info please enter Great Leap Forward into Google. Assuming you have access. Before you made outlandish statements about other countries you might want to learn you own country’s history.

          • I have no idea what you are talking about. I was referring to the the american genocide as the greatest genocide in world history. When you talk about things like great leap forward, this is all manufactured information. Back before the Communist revolution in 1948 there was 400 million Chinese. By the end of Mao’s tenure, there was 1 billion. The population of China more than doubled. The Native American population was completely wiped out. There are almost no Native Americans left. The only people who still looked AmerIndian are people immigrated from Latin America. It was the single biggest holocaust and ethnic genocide the world has ever known.

        • You forgot to mention the fate of the Great King Kamehameha of Hawaii. Anybody ever heard of him in history of Hawaii, by the way.

  10. Hideki Tojo for usa president

    you know dalai lama is the CIA agent same as Osama bin Laden is CIA agent
    you can look the histories of CIA agent recruitment in Tibet

  11. Hideki Tojo for usa president

    @ JIM……., you know dalai lama is the CIA agent same as Osama bin Laden is CIA agent
    you can look the histories of CIA agent recruitment in Tibet

    pearl harbour belong to japan

  12. Chinese communist leaders are weak and corrupt.

    • actually unlike all u.s career politicians who come from learning how to manipulate the truth in a court room or in a classroom, most Chinese leaders are technocrats, science majors who actually know a few cents about how the real world runs. Haters will hate

    • Hypocrite much?

  13. “US Against China Bullying smaller countries in the Asia-Pacific”

    right. only the yanks can.

  14. enough being boring and hating, wars wont happen in the next 20 years, the race will continue, we will see mama china rising ecologically, and naturally, and the US collapse ending up killing each other. after 20 years we will see the US being savage and start problems with china then the end of the world the nuclear war happens. and humanity goes back to Amish living.
    assistant manager at import company.

  15. i want and will live in china for the rest of my life, and enjoy Shanghai tourism on the beach, working, out of trouble and be green.

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