To Chinese Secret Weapons, Secretary Gates says U.S. have counter-measures

Feb.03 (China Military News cited from voa news and written by Al Pessin) –U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the United States is developing military capabilities to counter recent improvements in China’s ability to threaten U.S. forces in the Pacific. Mr. gates is the only member of former-President Bush’s cabinet asked to stay on under President Obama.

In written testimony delivered to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Secretary Gates said as China modernizes its military, he is most concerned about advances in its ability to attack ships, submarines and aircraft, and its advances in ballistic missile technology, anti-satellite weapons and cyber warfare. He said those advances “could threaten America’s primary means of projecting power” and helping defend its allies in the Pacific.

Countering China’s New Capabilities

At the hearing, answering a question from Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka, Secretary Gates spoke about what the Defense Department is doing to counter the new Chinese capabilities.

“We have a number of programs underway, in development, that are intended to counter some of the Chinese technological advances that have the potential to put our carriers at risk. And I think we’re making good progress on those. And I think we have capability in place to be able to deal with any foreseeable Chinese threat for some time to come,” he said.

Defense Sec. Robert Gates testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill, 27 Jan 2009. Mr. Gates is recuperating from surgery to his left arm, injured while handling snow equipment

‘Hot Line’ to Beijing

Secretary Gates also noted what he called “some improvements in the U.S.-Chinese security relationship.” He mentioned the beginning of a formal strategic dialogue, the establishment of a direct telephone link, or ‘Hot Line,’ with his Chinese counterpart and continuing military exchanges. He said all that will help leaders on both sides “understand each other’s intentions and avoid potentially dangerous miscalculations.”

Gates said even with ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States has “ample and untapped combat power” in its Navy and Air Force to “defeat any adversary that committed an act of aggression.” He called the risk of any such move by China, or by North Korea or any other country, something that is “manageable” but “cannot be ignored.”

The Taiwan factor

China says its military modernization program is part of its “Peaceful Rise” strategy, and U.S. officials and military commanders note that increased capabilities do not necessarily lead to increased threats. Still, with the United States committed to help Taiwan defend against any Chinese attack, and also to help defend Japan and South Korea, U.S. officials say they need to keep pace with technological advances by China’s military.


  1. Who is a threat to whom ??????? The US military is a great danger to peace and security in the Western Pacific !!!! Why not a thought for the sovereignty of countries like Japan & Korea ????? Yhe US military must be countered by a very good deterrent by China’s PLA !!! ;Otheriwse China is not responsible enough in ensuring that Opium Wars and Nanjing-type Massacres will not happen again. Remember American sailors used to toss overboard Chinese emigrants who wanted to return home ? Thank you !!!!!

  2. I wonder about super power try to make all kind program to defend them self with 3 million army did 1950 though the super power any thing your air Superior can not control the land the people do so be realistic with your power by the way do not try to treat with nuke you will get answer back so be peace MR superpower.

  3. While China has the right to maintain ground, air and sea forces as any soveriegn nation does, the past history of the Chinese PLA leaves the world guestioning as to why the major build up in Chinese strategic forces over the last few years.

    China has no reason to suspect that the United Ststes or any global power or nation on earth would launch a premptive first strike against them.

    Honestly all retoric a side, the United States would never attack China, Russia or any other country unless the United States felt an imminent attack was coming. And even then the United States would only position defensive forces and wait for some sort of agressive action prior to any military action. The bottom line is the Untied States would not attack China, So why would china build a force that was supieror to any on the planet unless they were planning to establish a political position that required it to have complete dominance. Which means they plan on taking a stance that would put them against every major country on the planet.

  4. On a side note. If people keep dwelling on the past, how are we ever going to move forward?

    Yes, Americans (not America, but American people) did horrible things to Chinese immigrants. They also did horrible things to other foreigners as well, but that was a long time ago and those Americans are dead and gones.

    Today Americans look back upon the actions of some of our fore fathers and we wonder what they were thinking? What caused them to harm innocent people. Most did it because of fear and hate of the unknown and for people just being defferent. Some did it for money. All in all it was a dark period in our history. But that was then and this is now. Today, things are different. Do you think any average American would throw a Chinese person over board? Absolutely not.

    Yes, each nation has people who are bent on hate, rage, people who believe in extreme nationalism, people who fear anything they don’t understand. Unfortunately when we allow our beliefs and actions to be influenced by the few we all loose.

    Extreme nationalism breeds hate. Please, don’t fall for it. All of us are human. All of us are equal, all of us are entitled to freedom, freedom to pick our own way of life. Don’t hate just to hate and don’t hate because of the actions of people who are long gone. At the same time though we must not forget the past. We must not forget what Americans did to gurt Chinese immigrants, we must not forget that Americans faught and died to free China from Japan, we must not forget the war crimes committed by Japanese soldiers or the people who died fighting for change in their own home country. If we forget and allow nations to rewrite history we will forget why war is horrible, we will forget the crimes and attrocaties committed before and we will be left to committ them again.

    Don’t be fooled in to thinking that Americans hate Chinese or Chinese hate Americans or Japanese hate Americns and so forth. Hate is a disease which can spread so quickly that it;s hard to stop. But we must not let our hatred and anger for past events to cloud our minds and prevent us from building stronger ties with our fellow man.

    I am an American and some of my Best friends are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, British, German, French, Iraqi and on and on. My doctor is Chinese and he saved my life. One of my best friends is an Iraqi who lives in Japan. His sister was killed in Iraq and I felt like my soul was stabbed in the heart.

    Do not be fooled, don’t judge all by the actions of the few, the majority wants to have peace and hates war and feel everyone is equal. We are all equal, no one race is above another….those beliefs that say otherwise are dead. This is now! To kill another human being is insaneand unless I am left with no choice I hope I never have to be put in that situation. sacred.

  5. Great comment Chad. It’s a shame not everyone has the decency and common sense that you possess.

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