PLA Navy Type 052D destroyer exposed

2012-08-25 (China Military News by China-defense-mashup) — Recently, some Chinese netizen shoot one new destroyers under construction in CSSC Jiangnan Changxing shipyard dock. It can vaguely seen from the pictures that the bow section of this large surface ships and the main gun mounted on the deck, which is the new 130-mm guns.

Sources aboard the new ships is called the 052D destroyer. And compared to the original 052C destroyer, the 052D phased array radar is improved, and a new hot vertical launch system, very similar to the U.S. MK-41 launch system and has been used in Type 054A frigate. The 052D is equipped with a total of two 32-unit missile launching systems, either launch HQ-9B air defense missiles, capable of launching anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine missiles. The original YJ-62 missile launchers will be canceled. In addition, the main gun of the new 130-mm guns. The original 517 radar on the rear part of the 052C destroyer will have to switch to the new flat-panel radar. 052D helicopter hangar is to be centrally disposed on both sides to place the boat traffic. 052D destroyer displacement is not a big change, still in 6000-7000 tons.

New 130mm Gun system

Type 052D warship uses indigenous single 130 mm single-barrel gun to replace the original 100 mm single-barrel gun. It is speculated that there are basically three reasons:

  1. Type 052C’s 100 mm gun has some defects, such as the low reliability;
  2. Single 130 mm guns adaption test;
  3. Promote a unification of ship-borne guns, ie only keeping three kinds caliber: 30mm,76mm and 130mm.

Single 130 mm gun developed by the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou 713 Institute), and produced by Inner Mongolia 2nd machinery factory (Baotou). The original design uses a single tube dual link ammunition handling and water-cooled systems; Barrel length (with breech) of 70 times of caliber; using grenades, the high explosive shells, gun-launched missiles; fully automatic replenishment gear; rate of fire 40 rounds / minute; range (non-guided shells) 29.5 km; whole gun weight (excluding peripherals) greater than 50 tonnes; fiberglass stealth anti-shield.

The design of this gun is estimated to learn some proven technologies of the Russian AK-130 130 mm twin-barrel gun, mainly on the mechanical design, which is a weak place in Chinese ship-borne guns. And the gun electrical control and aiming servo system are all dependent on the all-new localization design.

Increase of installation fitness, basing on the basis design, the gun weight is decreased and applied with anti-recoil design. Weight loss design as far as possible to ensure the requirements of the structural strength to use aluminum alloy components, which is weight loss designed a common practice in ship-based guns, such as the Russian AK-176 guns.

The anti-recoil design is the recoil energy decreases guns firing, in order to reduce the impact and vibration of shipboard equipment. As the single 130 mm gun’s indicators like muzzle velocity have been cured, and measures to reduce the recoil estimated device for retrofitting muzzle brake.

Imagination picture of Type 052D destroyer, by "黑洞居士"

Pictured by HSH

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  1. Not bad at all. I’m kind of like it, admire it. Well done, China.

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