One Chinese Military Drone crashed in North China

2011-08-24 (China Military News from China-defense-mashup) — On August 22, one Chinese Secret Military Drone crashed in Hebei Province, North China. The local police force has blockaded the crashed area, but some local villagers still pictures some photos before the arriving of law-enforce personnel.

The accurate crash position is in the hill area of Huining Town, Xingtai County. The crashed UAV is very similar to the U.S. RQ-4 Global Hawk. Some resources report that this UAV is called as “Tianchi” (天翅) or BZK-005 and researched by CAC (Chengdu Aircraft Corporation). A model of this UAV was once displayed with famous Dark Sword Combat UAV in 2006 Zhuhai Airshow.

The Crash Site of Chinese UAV

The Crash Site of Chinese UAV

In last 5 years, China has been developing some strategic reconnaissance UAVs to accomplish the similar missions like RQ-4 in areas near China Mainland. In October 2009, another large UAV has been exposed and it has 18-20 meter (60-66ft) wing span with a horizontal stabilizer linking canted outward twin tails.  Unlike the turbofan engine of RQ-4, Chinese people’s Strategic Reconnaissance UAV is propelled by turboprop engine.

In 2010, Chinese Xi’an Modern Control Technology Institute was successfully passed a design review of missile and parts used by an unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft, by the Project Management Department of AVIC. This event tells a truth that the Xi’an Modern Control Technology Institute have made a major breakthrough in the field of Attacking UAV development.

Tianchi UAV in test

Tianchi UAV in test

In the middle of 2011, during the Chinese Navy’s annual sortie through the disputed waters between the Japanese islands Okinawa and Miyakojima, Japanese forces tailing the 11-strong Chinese fleet spotted a previously unknown Chinese weapon system: a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, apparently launched from the deck of a Chinese warship. Besides, A Xianglong UAV with diamond-shape wing structure, was pictured in June 2010 to display China’s steady steps in high-altitude, long-duration UAV development.

At the world’s largest robotics trade show held in month, a Shenzhen-based firm showcased a small, short-range drone—about the size of a pizza pan—in the drone market.


  1. “One drone”crashed,mal-functioned,technical problems,or control problems are parts of research and developnment stages and these occurrences are not restricted to China along. So! this is just setbacks during the developnment of this highly cost effective and lives saving technology in the new information age. “Failures are the mothers of all successes” is one way to confront the setbacks and through some these failures, new and better technologies will be created as a result.

  2. The thing was painted black. Think it was the dark sword or just some standard drone?

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