New Version of Norinco 1911 Pistol Released!

jing, Jan 06 (China Defense Mashup Report by Johnathan Weng) — Norinco recently releases some photos of its new M1911 pistol. The China North Industries Corporation, official English name Norinco, manufactures vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition, etc. Norinco is also involved in domestic civil construction projects. Norinco exports a clone of the 1911A1 for civilian purchase. Importation into the US was blocked by new trade rules in 1993.

Norinco 1911

Norinco 1911

Norinco 1911

Norinco 1911


  1. I think its the NORINCO Police – Refined!!!

  2. hello
    i wonna make a huge bussiness with ur company norinco company…i am from egypt and i need small weapons…so if u r interested so please replay on me in the nearest opportunity..waitinfg for ur replay..

  3. I recently got hold of a very cool CBR but had a little accident! I tried to slow down with the brake slowly and consistently with the forward brakes but the wheel basically quickly slipped out under me! I have been on the back of a bike with a friend before who has brought the rear wheel into the air by braking hard with the forward brake! How did he do it that it works better? Im confused!!

  4. chingi j grandeza II

    Norinco 1911a1 is one of the most affordable,reliable & durable pistols ever made.

  5. i recently bought a norinco np 44 many months ago and fired nearly 400 rounds of different brands of bullets including reloads. only 3 reloads failed to fire and the gun is not at fault but the bullets. the gun is super reliable and accurate. it hits where u point it. i did not alter its sight like what my gun club friends do because i am comfortable just as it is. i have installed tony pascual recoil reducer and have its trigger pull adjusted. the only drawback is the limited number of magazines (when u participate in a fun shoot, u need more than 2 mags), luckily i found out that it is compatible with para ordnance mags. gunsmiths around our area informed my friends that its metallurgy is far superior than any of the more expensive guns like colt? anyway, i am planning to buy another norinco 45 caliber in single stack.

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  7. Hi All,

    I originally bought a Norinco 1911 in 2000. I have since fired more the 60,000 rounds. The gun is still going strong. I did change the sites on the gun as well as fitting a full length recoil guide, Ambi safety and Beaver tail.

    The amount of shooting I have done with the gun it has paid for itself over and over. I would however love to get my hands on one of the 1911 pistols.

    Cheers guys thanks for making shooting affordable for us.

  8. roy mercado aguilar

    i got this 1911 from a friend.. i was confused if it is a clone or made by norinco.. the left side of the slide marked “CAVALRY” under is commander. the other side is government model.. the receiver has forged steel marking also. theres no other identity i can possibly identify to its creator… it has six digit sn. 022xxx.. i tried looking the inner parts and i found number 439 in the barrel and the slide rail. could you please help me find its origin..

  9. I have an NP44 in .45acp! All I can say is “BETTER than my Glock 19!”

  10. i think the 9mms are more appropriate than the 45s for suitable condition.

  11. How come your company doest make any spare magazines fro Norinco NP 48….
    I bought the gun last month and its a superb unit… no jams or problems of the unit.
    The only problem is the magazine….i cant buy or its not readily available in our local gunstore.

  12. I have a Norinco 1911 early US import. Reliable and a real tack driver. Very hard, strong 5100 steel for sure! If you own one DON’T ever swap out any of the small internal parts, they are all made of strong forged steel. If the mainspring housing is one of the steel ones, keep it. If it is plastic, swap it out for a metal one made from steel. All Chinese springs should be swapped out for Wolff, and the mags that come with it are not so great. Keem em as spares and get new ones. I use metalform 7 round mags with the rounded follower for reliability. I see so many Norinco’s that are “butchered”. New springs, grips and mags and that is all you need to do! If you are having any barrel lug peening then have a gunsmith fit a new Bar-Sto or Storm Lake barrel. Do not use a drop in barrel, or try and fit it yourself unless you are an expert. You may damage the slide lugs. Fitting a barrel is like re-boring an auto engine cylinder – best left for the experts. If the slide seems loose on the rails – leave it alone! Tigntening the slide leads to unreliable operation on a 1911. The 1911 was designed as a “loose” pistol. The Norc is a good basic defense pistol, like the early 1911′s but with harder steel….

  13. hi,

    where can we get part for the NZ85B. as of now its having problem it position in the half cock after a few rounds.appreciate your advice.
    this model got a nice group provided that i use a conical heads.

    cheers to all//

  14. Good day , i am in search of lasar sights for the norinco np48 , i havent been able to find any info in this direction, i am not sure if any of the crimson trace sights would work on this gun ? but have trust in their product. Any help is appriciated. Thank You

  15. Highly descriptive blog, I loved that a lot.

    Will there be a part 2?

  16. Hi,

    does anyone have any idea as to what front sight would fit a Norinco NP29?
    mine is 2013 make and comes with a dovetail front sight, and not a tenon.

    The rear sight is a standard colt series 70 cut, and I have already fitted an LPA rear sight.

  17. I have an sks norinco. Would like to check serial # to see manufacture date. How do I do this

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