More Photos of CAC new UAV found from China Internet

Beijing, Nov.01 (China Defense Mashup Report by Johnathan Weng) — Now more photo of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC)’s Tianchi UAV have emerged on Chinese Internet. And it is believed that those photos were pictured simultaneously when this UAV’s video was recorded.

On Oct.23, Washington Times once reported that an internal Chinese government document says China is working to develop an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of a strategy to combine civilian and military technology in weapons and nonmilitary equipment. The state-run company in charge of the program is a major Chinese weapons manufacturer, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. (CASIC).


  1. What is this? another copy of the US global hawk?? is this what gives america sleepless nights? because the chinese are copying the external shape of american UAV’s?

  2. Incredible information More Photos of CAC new UAV found from China Internet | China Military Power Mashup yet I’m developing a problem we are not able to seem to be that can join up to this rss feed, I’m using yahoo site reader F.Y.I…. Thanks ! Rob Rasner Comedian

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