Gallery: What weapons are in Chinese arm sales to Gadhafi?

011-09-09 (China Military News cited from China-defense-mashup) — Canada’s Globe and Mail said the Chinese arms companies offered Gadhafi regime $200 million in rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, portable surface-to-air missiles designed to bring down aircraft, and other weapons and munition. However, Beijing confirmed Monday Libyan arms dealers visited China looking for a weapons deal this summer but denied the contacts resulted in any arms sales. So, if this deal can be finished, what weapons could China provide to Gadhafi? Here is a photo gallery to display them.

QW-18 30km 122mm HE rocket 40km 122mm steel ball HE rocket 107mm multiple rocket launcher
107mm HE rocket 40mm anti-tank rocket launcher 40mm anti-tank rocket 14.5mm twin-barrel AAMG
14.5mm quart-barrel AAMG Anti-tank missile Anti-bunker Missile FAE Missile
7.62mm Multi purpose machine gun 9mm Pistol (15 rounds) 9mm Pistol (8 rounds) Night Vision Goggle System
23mm AA Cannon HE-T Shell 125mm APFSDS Cartridge 125mm Tank HE Cartridge 7.62mm Cartridge
QW-18 Missile

QW-18 Missile


  1. Not surprising they were selling those arms to Ghaddafi. They were arming the Hamas and now the Israelis have filed lawsuits in New York Superior court against the Bank of China for financing the Hamas who killed and hurt 84 Israelis. Like I said before, they would be willing to side with the bad guys just to make a buck! How can you trust these commis?

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  18. Here is a example of Britain, along with France and their Nato allies, lead by US to meddle in foreign a country(Libya),good or bad…to force a government change to their ideal. Now why Britain, along with France and their Nato allies didn`t do the same in Egypt. The answer is because the dictator Hosni Mubarak is backed by the USA. Same as Ferdinand Marcos, backed by the USA…untill the people power changed the country. Same as in Egypt, Egyptian has enought of Mubarak and fought back.

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  20. The arms trade is one of the most hypocritical, if not the most hypocritical, because it’s being trading objects capable to kill and yet hypocritically, people comment about an alleged morals and ethics that should prevail in a such trade.

    The leak of the news about the possible trade between the Chinese and the Qadaffi’s regime must be faced as a warn to China to enhance its discretion as well as to demand the same to the buyer, because it’s inconceivable that sensitive documents are left to being found out.

  21. like 200 million worth of weapon is going to change a thing. The only regret is that China didn’t get more of that old hag’s money.

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  23. Chinese Friends should also offer this night vision googles to its great friend PAKISTAN. to improve night warefare capabilities.



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