Chinese “Stryker”: PLA Army 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle family

2012-09-17 (China Military News by China-defense-mashup) — In order to meet the needs of the future hi-tech war, the military power of the world have started transformation from light mechanized troop construction as the entry point. U.S. Army, for example, in recent years, main focus of its army reform is the formation of brigade-level combat troops which can be immediately deployed at any place of the world by air. Stryker Brigade constructed by 8×8 drive Stryker family of vehicles is one of light land forces of the U.S. Army’s transformation towards this goal.

Chinese Army in the late 1990s also began pressing to form its own light mechanized troops. Initially, based on the existing equipment, domestic independent R&D ZSL92 (WZ551) 6×6 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, and developed a family of armed wheeled vehicles then is enlist in PLA Army later. Consequential fumble preparation tactics have been put forward, rolled out a path for PLA army wheeled armored light mechanized equipment system. Nevertheless, the army’s equipment department and defense reserach institutes are also clearly understand the limitation of the original 6×6 wheeled armored chassis, which is far from being able to meet the needs of the future battlefield. At the same time, China also seize the opportunity to go with the new trend of light wheeled armored vehicle to develop PLA Army’s new generation of 8×8 armored vehicles family.

At the beginning of this century, PLA Army provide its tactical and technical specification demands of the new 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle to domestic defense reserach institutes. In the following years, after the selection of a variety of projects, and Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Corporation (IMFMGC), affiliated to North Industrial Corporation Group, ultimately won the bids. IMFMGC’s 8×8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle was named as “Type 09 wheeled armored infantry fighting vehicles” and began mass production to enter PLA Army.

Technical characteristics of PLA Army 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle family

The new 8×8 armored vehicle family developed with a lot of new technologies and concepts, and represents the highest level of domestic wheeled armored equipment research. The vehicle family’s assembly parts with a modular design, including power module, transmission module, vehicle body module, manipulation module, running gear module and upper turret module. According to the needs of the family variant, the module can be different combinations of design, in order to achieve a different chassis form, such as power front or rear power, able to completely get rid of the same chassis body structure constraints. Except the difference of body structure and turret module at the production stage, other module components fully interchangeable, thus forming a perfect family vehicle system, not only for providing combat troops with comprehensive support capabilities, and will greatly help the logistic maintenance. The patterns of the vehicle family design is also unique in the world.

Dynamic mechanical properties: The 8×8 wheeled armored vehicle family uses a power of 330 kW turbocharged V-type 6-cylinder diesel engine, with low procurement costs and longer service life. The cooling system for efficient water-cooled compact radiator, and the engine can be integrated to achieve the overall lifting, greatly shortening the maintenance of disassembly time. The drive module uses the international popular “H” type transmission, to reduce the height of the fighting indoor flooring, increases the body content space, and enhanced chassis stability. Early production type equipped with with synchronizer 9 before 1 down manual shift mechanical transmission the late changed automatically shift mechanical transmission (AMT). Suspension is fully independent, first, Bridge performance strut swing arm (McPherson suspension), the third and fourth bridge is adjustable oil and gas arm type, this design enables the chassis has a high off-road comfort, but also to adapt to the impact of carrying different weapons firing.

Command and control performance: 8-wheeled vehicle family using various types of vehicle electronic information system as the core driver computer (integrated display and control device) and motormen computer (integrated display and control device), and with the performance of state-of-the-art digital radio, supporting our own Beidou satellite navigation and inertial navigation device combination system, as well as the battlefield IFF system. 8 Wheeler family all kinds of variants using this vehicle information systems and command networks, can be achieved with higher command structure interconnection to show two sides of a position in the movement to accept combat command and route intended. At the same time, the system is also able to meet different functional variants of the same car family, fire support, reconnaissance vehicles, command vehicle mix and match into a battle grouping, each vehicle must have digital maps, satellite positioning, navigation, and data sharing warfare capacity needs, in order to achieve maximum combat effectiveness.

Defensive performance: 8-wheeled family type for assault vehicles, support vehicles and support vehicles of different protection grade requirements, and also introduced the concept of a “modular”. The body module uses high-strength thin-walled the armored steel stamping, welding structure, a different level of protection can be obtained according to the different thickness of ceramic armor modules need to be installed on the body. Bodywork set at the bottom of the “framework” to enhance the structure, improve body strength, and make the car body against 6 kg TNT explosion of mines. Security of all-steel radial tires, was shot even after low speed of about 100 km. In addition, all models are also used the collective three anti device, projectile smokescreen device (some install the fire explosion suppression system) and other auxiliary protective measures, to further improve the vehicle’s battlefield survivability.

Maneuvering performance: 8 Wheeled vehicle family’s width is not more than three meters, able to meet the standard of road and rail transport, the maximum road speed of 100 km / h, the cross-country average speed of 40 km / h, with a more superior climbing The moat ability. The action modules wheel with a central computer control system of inflation and deflation, and to enhance the capacity of the vehicle through swamps, deserts. Steering system for a Bridge power steering, small turning radius, various models are the ability to have water floating ferry water propulsion system with a hydraulically driven propeller device the water traveling speed can reach 8 km / h.

8×8 wheeled armored vehicle family variants Introduction

Ground assault vehicles -

Wheeled infantry fighting vehicles

8×8 infantry fighting vehicles is the basic model of the family of eight-wheeled vehicle. It uses the power module front right, rear cockpit, front left, crew cabin layout. The rear-mounted in the body of a twin-member turret, the main weapon is a 30 mm automatic gun, firing grenades and armor-piercing ammunition for different goals, the effective range of ground and air targets up to 2000 meters and 4000 meters respectively. An improvement since the “Red Arrow” 73C AFT anti-tank missile, the chariot with anti-tank capacity each plus hung on both sides of the turret. Car length with high / level dual-use observation mirror, the gunner with Sanko (dim light, white light, laser ranging) sighting system, fire control system for the simple style. The carrier’s seat hanging installation, avoid damage suffered landmine explosion shock wave can alleviate the fatigue of a long march. The models have a higher level of protection, in a certain distance, the front 25 mm armor-piercing protection, side protection 12.7 penetrators, the back and the top of preventable and 7.62 mm armor-piercing projectile fragments.

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