Chinese paper advises PLA Navy to build overseas military bases

2013-01-08 (China military news by China-defense-mashup) — On Jan 4th, “International Herald Leader”, a Chinese state-run newspaper under Xinhua News Agency, publishes a commentary to advise PLA Navy to build oversea naval bases to protect its energy line in Indian Ocean area.

The article says, as China’s first “Liaoning” aircraft carrier’s service in PLA Navy, along with the successful landing of the J-15 carrier-based fighter, the Chinese navy has become the focus of world attention after 2012. In future, the construction of PLA Navy aircraft carrier battle group will lead the system transformation, warship building, training and naval combat doctrine research. In Hu’s report at 18th Party Congress, he urges to build strong national defense and powerful armed forces that are commensurate with China’s international standing and meet the needs of its security and development interests. In this context, Chinese first aircraft carrier battle group will quickly enter operational stage with the delivery of new guided-missile destroyer, amphibious warship and nuclear submarine.

China believes that a strong naval force can protect its energy line in Indian Ocean area, especially in Strait of Malacca. However, even China has more warships, PLA Navy still can not play a key role in blue water without overseas military bases.

China’s future 18 overseas military bases

The article mentions that the Chinese navy is not to establish a U.S.-style military bases, but does not exclude the establishment of a number of so-called “Overseas Strategic Support Bases” in accordance with international prevailing rules. China has right to build oversea replenishment, staff rest and berthing-maintenance bases in foreign countries under equality, mutual benefit and friendly consultations.

The article also predicted that in future the Chinese Navy will establish its first batch of support bases in Indian Ocean. The article summarizes that these bases can be divided into three levels: First, ship fuel and material supply bases in peacetime, such as the Port of Djibouti, Aden port of Yemen, and Salalah Port of Oman. The replenishment method is in the light of international business practices; the second is relatively fixed supply bases for warship berthing, fixed-wing reconnaissance aircraft and the naval staff ashore rest, such as the ports of Seychelles. China can build those bases by sign a short-term or medium-term agreement with Seychelles; the third is fully-functional center for replenishment, rest and large warship weapons maintenance, such as in Pakistan under medium-and long-term agreements.

In its conclusion, the article summarizes that in next 10 years China is ultimately expected to have three “life lines”: one is North Indian Ocean supply line which includes bases in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the second is Western Indian Ocean supply line which includes bases in Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique; the last one is the central-south Indian ocean supply line which includes bases in Seychelles and Madagascar. These three strategic lines will further enhance China’s effective to take responsibility for maintaining the safety of international maritime strategic channel, maintaining regional and world stability responsibilities and capabilities.

Under the prediction of this article, some Chinese people forecast 18 possible overseas bases of PLA Navy, including Chongjin Port (North Korea), Moresby Port (Papua New Guinea),Sihanoukville Port (Cambodia), Koh Lanta Port (Thailand)  Sittwe Port (Myanmar), DHAKA Port (Bangladesh), Gwadar Port (Pakistan), Hambantota Port (Sri Lanka), Maldives, Seychelles, Djibouti Port (Djibouti), Lagos Port (Nigeria), Mombasa Port (Kenya), Dar es Salaam Port (Tanzania), Luanda Port (Angola) and Walvis Bay Port(Namibia).


  1. I don’t agree China should build whatever kind of oversea bases. Instead I guess China should rely on A-class aircraft carrier – for sure developing new concepts and usages for this type of vessel, perhaps making them up longer and wider as compared with the current ones – including the U.S.’s Ford class in which it may allow the landing of other aircraft types than just the fighter jets.
    If China can deploy some of bigger and modern than current ones, it can serve as mobile base around the world.

    • why people hate to see china ricing?????
      One thing i want to let those people know that if God lift you up no one can bring you down.Am African and i see what china is doing for Africans vety clean hearted far far more better than us and even uk.
      If china was us by now Afric will be united by now .

      • It’s not that the West hates China rising. It is just they fear Chinese revenges and retributions for any wrongs they did to China in the past, because that is what they will do in China’s position. And now, more than ever, that anxiety is very real to them. Imagine some photos or videos of Chinese soldiers on White House’s Oval office, or a Chinese battalion razing and looting Buckingham Palace to the ground.

        • I couldn’t agree any better myself that it’s fear. That’s probably what westerners would do if they were in China’s position, is to seek revenge and punish those wrongdoers. But fortunately, it is not in Chinese philosophy to just attack countries around the world unless provoked. In that case, Japan would probably be the main country on the revenge list that the Chinese would want to spark because of their past histories. The Chinese are just waiting for the perfect PUBLIC opportunity to test out their military capabilities on another modern force while playing defense.

  2. China’s attempts to establish bases is in line with China seeking hegemony over larger parts of Asia and Africa. Sadly these attempts will end in failure as they did centuries ago when Imperial China sought to use its large navy to dominate the Indian ocean and the east coast of Africa. China will again try to flex its muscles and will fail. Just like before during the Zheng He expeditions, China will expand and then quickly collapse. History will repeat itself.

    • You Have Being Brainwashed Mate

      yes history does repeat itself and its the west that is going to fall not china, look at western economies. the euro is doomed with greece on the verge of bankruptcy and spain followinng, what can they do? the british are busy trying to fix their own problems and the US with the heavily debt from foreign countries such as china. the west is going to fall with the speed the roman empire. and yes history does repeat. but to the west first.
      Oh by the way, ZhengHe’s expedition was the greatest in history, and it did not quickly collapse. It was disbanded after emperor yongle died and was succeed by his son who did not express interest in maritime expeditions. during the expeditions, china did not expand, their territory remained the same in size, although trade was established in many nations. so like you said history does repeat itself, but not in your way.

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