Chinese has made Another Helical-feed Machine Gun

(China Defense Mashup Report by Johnathan Weng) Now we have known that the this new helical-feed machine gun has a design name : CF-08PDW, but the manufacturer information ia unvailable. Before it, the Changfeng helical-feed SMG has been well-known in world. Changfeng helical-feed SMG was inspired by U.S.’s Calico Weapon in early 1990s and Chinese designer invented a new helical magazine to realize rapid manual loading. At beginning, Changfeng helical-feed SMG is developed for PLA special forces, but PLA finally pass off this weapon for its experimental design.

One comment

  1. That sound like a fake (photoshop work or an airsoft custom) cause you could see a mag in handel/grip and the helical mag in uper.

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