China’s second stealth fighter makes its 1st trial flight

2012-10-31 (China Military News by China-defense-mashup) — On Oct 31 AM 10:32, J-31, China’s the second stealth 5th generation fighter, has successfully took off from AVIC SAC (Shenyang Aircraft Corporation) test flight base and completed its trial flight,, accompanied by one J-11BS fighter. The test pilot is Li Guoen (李国恩) who is also the test pilot of SAC J-15 and J-16 fighter.

The flight duration time is about 10 minutes. On AM 10:41, the J-31 landed and returned to the base. Some AVIC senior officials and PLA Air Force heads perhaps participated the test demonstration.  Some resources indicate that it only takes SAC 19 months to realize trial flight from aircraft design under the pressure of CAC J-20.

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