China says its Online Blue Army is built for the defensive

2011-05-26 (China Military News cited from — China’s Defense Ministry has revealed that the People’s Liberation Army has established an “online blue army” to better safeguard the Internet security of the armed forces.

An Chinese navy expert says the Internet squad is defensive in nature but will also be prepared for cyber attacks in case of war.

The PLA Daily reported earlier the PLA’s Guangzhou command had invested tens of millions of yuan in building the specialized Internet squad, which is formed by some 30 Internet professionals selected from within the army.

The term “blue army” is used unsually to represent the enemy troops during exercies by the PLA.

Defense Ministry spokesperson Geng Yansheng admits the Chinese side is still relatively weak in Internet security protection.

“Internet security has become an international concern, affecting both civil and military areas. China is a victim of cyber attacks and is still relatively weak in Internet security protection. Increasing the ability to safeguard Internet security is an important exercise for the military and ‘the online blue army’ of the PLA was established to better safeguard Internet security of the armed forces.”

Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo says the team is built to strengthen cyber protection and be prepared in case of war.

“In peaceful times, the ‘online blue army’ will help improve our defense capabilities, but in case of cyber attacks in wartime, we will undoubtedly fight back with our cyber attacks. But that happens only during the war. It’s unfriendly and illegal to launch cyber attacks against other countries in peaceful times. The Chinese goverment will never do that.”

The expert also says the ‘online blue army’ will be an effective way in military training by simulating possible cyer attacks.

“The blue team simulates possible cyber attacks, virus attacks and intrusion from other countries, so that we can find good counter-measures. In this regard, it is a very effective way to train the armed forces.”


  1. Why do the PLA always have to sound apologetic when announcing a new military weapon and system? This is for defensive, that is for defensive, etc,etc. National security, I know, copying from the American, would be a better way of putting it. China has the same rights as the other 195 nations to have whatever weapons, forces or systems to safeguard her national security.

    I hope the Chinese will not hide behind another Great Wall, the worse defensive structure ever devised. The Great Wall has never stopped China being plundered, conquered and raped by her enemies. The top empires in history fight their wars in other people territories. China needs offensive weapons and an offensive military culture to guarantee peace and survival of the nation.

    And the view is not the view of the communist party :)

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