Beijing police might buy American unmanned plane for anti-terror

2011-05-14 (China Military News cited from people online) — The fourth China (Beijing) International Exhibition and Symposium on Police and Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment will be held on May 19 in Beijing. By then, an unmanned plane used by the American army will be on show, and Beijing police revealed yesterday that they might introduce this kind of scout plane.

Main exhibits include police vehicles, helicopters, explosive disposal equipment as well as emergency support and visual monitoring equipments. In addition, a kind of high-tech unmanned plane used by the American and German army will be exhibited in China for the first time.

The unmanned plane is good at anti-terrorism, emergency support and following, but it is not the same plane used by American soldier to kill bin Laden in Pakistan.

Jia Shenwen, an official from the Beijing Police Bureau, said if the unmanned plane can meet the needs of Beijing police after it is shown at the exhibition, Beijing police might consider introducing the high-tech plane.

As of now, Beijing police has four helicopters and unmanned scouting planes. If the unmanned plane can be successfully introduced, then its patrolling region and mission must be different from the previous two planes.

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