Are China and US Destined to Clash?

2011-08-01 (China Military News cited from”> and by Richard Weitz) — In a recent piece in the New York Times, Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, stressed the importance of improving Sino-US military relations.

Mullen acknowledged that PLA-Pentagon ties have frequently been characterized by ‘misunderstanding and suspicion,’ and complained that Beijing continues to employ bilateral defence ties as ‘a sort of thermostat to communicate displeasure. When they don’t like something we do, they cut off ties. That can’t be the model anymore.’

Actually, curtailing military exchanges has been a favoured diplomatic mechanism for Beijing and Washington to signal displeasure with a particular development in the overall relationship. The Chinese readily suspended various military visits, exchanges, and other defence contacts after the 1999 Belgrade Embassy bombing, the 2001 EP-3 collision, and in retaliation for the announcement of major US arms sales to Taiwan. Most recently, Beijing froze US-Chinese defence cooperation for the remainder of the Bush administration after the White House notified Congress in October 2008 of its plans to sell Taiwan $6.5 billion worth of arms. Then, the Chinese government suspended senior-level defence visits, rejected US Navy ship requests to take leave at China’s ports, and cancelled meetings on humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and WMD non-proliferation—disrupting almost a dozen military exchange programmes in the process.

Adm. Mike Mullen visiting PLA Air Force Su-27 Fleet

Adm. Mike Mullen visiting PLA Air Force Su-27 Fleet

But the United States has also disrupted bilateral military exchanges with China. The Tiananmen crackdown of June 4, 1989, when PLA troops forcibly repressed peaceful democracy activists in Beijing, resulted in the George H. W. Bush administration’s suspending military contracts and defence technology transfers, as well as indefinitely freezing all visits between US and Chinese military leaders. It wasn’t until Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Chas W. Freeman, Jr. visited China in October 1993 that bilateral military-to-military contacts resumed.

A decade later, members of Congress demonstrated alarm over alleged Chinese espionage in the United States by imposing severe restrictions on PLA-Pentagon contacts. Section 1202 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 explicitly directed the defence secretary not to authorize military contacts with China that could lead to inappropriate PLA access to an itemized list of advanced US military capabilities.

External factors unrelated to the military exchanges also contributed to the congressional decision. Members complained about China’s human rights practices (ranging from suppression of civil liberties to allegations of forced abortions and slave labour), Beijing’s sale of ballistic missiles and nuclear technologies to states of proliferation concern, and its policies towards Tibet and Taiwan.

Mullen writes that improving Pentagon-PLA military ties requires developing ‘strategic trust’ between the two militaries through talking – ‘a good bit of misunderstanding between our militaries can be cleared up by reaching out to each other’ and by’focus(ing) on the things we have in common.’ He sees these mutual interests as protecting maritime commerce from piracy and other constraints, impeding the proliferation of drugs and weapons of mass destruction, and promoting regional stability in the Koreas and Pakistan.

To help this along, Mullen invited Gen. Chen Bingde, the head of the PLA, to visit the United States in May. Mullen went on a reciprocal visit to China in mid-July, and argues that such contacts have been an important tool for overcoming mistrust.”>


  1. USA would destroy china, china has a weak navy airfirce and all around military

  2. China would crush the united states. Its crushed the us in Korea, and prevented the occupation of Vietnam. In an unlimited war, China would again win.

  3. @ John the punk and proud

    usa definitely bankrupt after the war with china and become the poorest country in the world, now it has become the state parasites world economy, usa live waiting for the dissolution of the state into 50 independent countries of independence, because it is the only way for Americans now make some American states rich, if you want to escape from poverty with a huge debt, I tell you America after the war with china would be a state under the armpits Russia and Russia will become the world’s policeman is not America a world power and the subsequent NATO NATO not only will be no Action Talk Only, because it was toothless because it broke too, the coming century will be remembered that the century Russia RUSSIA RUSSIA’S once again America is not europe of NATO instead
    Putin is THE BEST & RUSSIA is a true super power

  4. Russia, China, North Korea all wishful thinking! The alliance of USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India and ASEAN (Commi Vietnam inculded)countries will prevail.

  5. I dont think that will ever happen. Most of those countries would stand down. Its not even a question of whether those countries would join the us, its whether or not the us would even join them. Historically speaking, its precedence for the us to just back down when fire breaks out. Which is why commie vietnam that you hope to include is still commie.

  6. Japanese victims of violence

    Ako Madamosiya you’re so stupid, oh .. yeee …. Alliance of the United States, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India and (commi Vietnam inculded) ASEAN countries will win. What’s right?
    the correct state when the United States is waiting for bankruptcy, up until the war libya not participate, because they do not have money, it will be social unrest for the United States because of the poor, this has been happening recently in British cities is because people started to poor, history prove poverty brings social unrest, say south korea, south korea’s most hated person at the Japanese invaders of the nation, if Japan, because as a nation are not surprised to find opportunities colonizers in the narrow, almost every nation in Asia was in Japanese invaded with very very cruel and barbaric, but now the Japanese have become the butt providers make in sodomy by American soldiers Okinawa (RFOL.. LOL) and as an American lackey, and Taiwan, the same as Chinese people will not fight with weapons, except some American stooge, then India. .. will be busy at war with possible nuclear war with Pakistan, and Vietnam who now also has started to fall out of the economy, so looking into the issue of transfer of the south china sea, before Vietnam can beat United because of the help of china without the help of china, America wins


    Japanese nation nation nation very cruel invaders colonize and plunder the nation philipine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea up until now due to Japanese invaders korea split in two, china, vietnam, korea, russia

  7. I can’t comprehend what you’re saying! It’s all jibbirish!

  8. Japanese victims of violence

    I can not comprehend what you’re saying! It’s all jibbirish!
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    You must have him as saying Japan did not colonize the Japanese history books but do not colonize the expedition, it was too Japanese government deceive people and you lied and tried to cover up his crime from the younger generation

  9. Why would anyone in the world, american, chinese what have you want to see a war like that? No ones gonna win a war between america and china. It would explode into WWIII or a near equivelent.

    China’s got the man power and america’s got the technology. Either way we all lose. America would only win if china invaded american soil. I see it the same way if china was invaded by america. Whoever invades looses to those protecting their homeland. Its why america lost korea and vietnam. Its why the american colonies beat the british.

    Peace and level-headed political discussion is what the world needs, not war. But sadly the world is run my powerhungry tyrants that could care less about commoners. Our lives are disposable to them in their game called “war.”

  10. Nobody arguing for China here is mongering for war. It’s just the other hypocrites here who are scared, expressing their wishful thinkings. Like these ones below:

    Ako Madamosiya—Desperation at its best, living in the shadow of his country’s “glorious” past, a country with its economic demise in full force, waiting for his white master to save him. The future has no place for this resource deprived, arrogant, self-indulgent race.

    John—Is the typical middle school level simple minded idiot representing most of the trash on the China-hating bandwagon. The last time U.S won a war was 60 years ago. Good luck hanging on to your military in 2 decades.

    Like I said before, think of all the human tragedies created by the countries Ako Madamosiya and John represent. They are just scared that this century is China’s century and China is out to enact some sweet revenge on them, that’s all

    Peace out.

  11. Japan is the only nation reduced to ashes by 2 atom bombs. Now vast sections of their country is irradiated…. their people poisoned… got data concerning areas of radiation… their governement kept quiet during the chaos…

  12. A resurgent Japanese Empire will rise again! When Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan get their independence, Japan will get back Manchuria again!

  13. HAHAHA. I dont think any of that is going to happen. But China can definitely help Japan gain its independence from the yoke of american imperialism.

  14. Those people who want to promote war between China and the United States are the evil extreme right-wing warmongers representing the military-industrial complex against whom President Dwight Eisenhauer warned his countrymen shortly before he left office. As a dedecated professional soldier all his life he could see through the minds of those people who wanted to benefit financially from blood money made through grossly profitable weapon sales. The same kind of people are getting even more influencial and more powerful today. Japanese militarists who still hold the same dreams of world domination of their heinous and barbarous ancesters in WW II are trying to pour oil over fire by howling against the emerging Chinese military and wishing that they could influence the weak minds of some people to turn against China through lies and distortion. The Japanese never regretted what they did in the Pacific War. They are trying to influence the minds of their students by rewriting history to justify their war of agression in the 1930′s and 40′s.

  15. Im ok with the Japanese. They dont really bother me. I just need China to do the rational thing. And maximize military spending already.

  16. One 50 year old power plant can almost bring down an entire country. Scare the hell out of an entire race. It’s doesn’t take 2 atomic bomb anymore. Just a few more natural disasters Ako Madamosiya and his disgraced race will be off the face of the earth by themselves.

  17. Japanese victims of violence

    Ako Madamosiya Says:
    August 11th, 2011 at 6:38 am
    a Japanese empire rise again from the gutter to the stool, it is a shame a descendant of the sun-god emperor with the symbol of the greatness of the sun god and the flag of the sun was just a slave and American puppet, ohh … I’m really ashamed to be Japanese people hu … hu … hu … hu …

    oh… so sorry my friend Ako Madamosiya to make confessions like that above, is yes ….. silent … do not cry anymore, I’ll buy you ice cream faeces .. LOL & ROFL

  18. Ako…. pls … the sun already set on Nippon. and it will never rise again…. Why? it is not china that is preventing the rise… it is Uncle sam….. u think the us troops in japan is for china? plsssss… it is to ensure that japan do not rearm again and kill another 300k us soldiers… U are so newbie.. hahahaha

  19. It would be quite easy to bring the USA to it’s knees. A few well placed cruise missiles fired from submarines to take out the regional power plants and the whole country would be paralyzed. Heck, blowing up Hoover Dam alone would probably take out half of the western US. Without power, anarchy would ensue. America would implode from the chaos.

  20. No body would win a war between the US and China, besides, there is too much invested in the world economy between the US and China and the evil corps will never allow such a war. Perhaps a limited confrontation bu that is all. The real enemy is NOT China or the US, it’s the corporations exploiting the people of the worl for profit.

  21. Trade is irrelevant. There were very deep economic ties between europe and the united states prior to both the first and second world wars. Journalists even wrote articles on how a deeply interconnected world would prevent wars from occurring or that wars would be few and quick. In both cases, they were wrong. At the end of the day, the only thing people answer to is force, not contracts. And the us is no different. It was only because of the Korean War and the Vietnam War was China even able to get us to the bargaining table and thus the Shanghai Communique.

  22. Contracts are no good if they arent enforceable. There is usually a third party that makes sure the first and second parties perform their part of the deal. That third party usually carries a stick.

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