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“Airborne maneuver 2009″ kicks off, See a Gallery

October.20 (China Defense Mashup Reporting by Johanthan Weng) — Under the background of carrying out diversified military tasks and adapting to large-scale combat under information-based condition, the “Airborne maneuver 2009” exercise, the largest trans-theater comprehensive campaign maneuver exercise in the ...

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Is this a Z-8 Helicopter with AEW system?

October.21 (China Defense Mashup Reporting by Johnathan Weng) — Although Z-8 is a rotocraft platform exported from France in 1970s, is will still be used for another long time. These pictures which come from Chinese Internet source have provided sufficient supports ...

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Missile Test failure Shames Taiwan’s President

October.17 (China Military News cited from AFP) — Taiwan’s military is probing the failure of its largest-ever missile exercise, carried out less than a fortnight after China showed off its advanced ballistic weaponry, a report said Saturday. The missiles malfunctioned ...

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